During the Coronavirus pandemic, Halton People into Jobs (HPIJ) Employment Liaison Officer Lyn Lynn has continued to work remotely to offer support to local residents who have been looking for work throughout the crisis. Along with two colleagues, Lyn has also been supporting Halton employers that have continued to recruit locally.

Prior to lockdown, our service was delivered face-to-face, so having to work from home meant that all members of the HPIJ team had to adjust quickly to a new way of working to ensure that our employment support services continued across the borough.

Lyn shares her thoughts on some of these challenges, and the successes, she has experienced during lockdown.

“When we were first told that we were working from home, my initial thoughts were ‘how is this going to work?’ We are very much a people-centred service, giving out practical advice, such as helping with application forms, providing interview preparation and visiting employers to source vacancies, all of which require face-to-face interaction.

“My colleagues and I have worked consistently over the last few months ensuring that regular contact with individuals is maintained to help with any aspect of their job search. We have been providing job interview advice over the phone, helping clients apply for online applications and dealing directly with employers to market the skills of the individuals we are supporting.

“Demand in certain sectors has increased during this time and we have had particular success helping people into the care sector, where several customers have secured employment with local businesses.

“I think it is testament to the people that we have been supporting how they have reacted to the new challenges including having to apply for more jobs online and completing telephone interviews via conference calls which, for some people, has involved using technology that is new to them.

“I feel that we at Halton People into Jobs have all helped harness people’s potential despite the unprecedented challenges and feeling of insecurity that we have all faced together.”

Lyn will be celebrating Employability Day on 26 June remotely with her colleagues reflecting back but also looking forward to supporting more people into work over the coming months to help rebuild the economy.

If you are an unemployed Halton resident and want help to look for work please contact Halton People into Jobs on 0151 511 7555 or email hpij@halton.gov.uk

If you are a Halton employer that would like to access free support with your recruitment please contact Halton People into Jobs on 0151 511 7555 or email hpij@halton.gov.uk

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