Adam Lovatt family tributes

Adam Lovatt family tributes

The family of Adam Lovett pay tribute to their “amazing” husband, dad, son and uncle after a Wybunbury man was found guilty of his manslaughter.

My name is Clare Lovatt, I am Adam Lovatt’s wife.

The immense loss I have experienced from losing Adam my amazing Husband cannot be underestimated. His senseless and tragic death has caused me so much trauma over the last 3 & 1/2 years.

As a Nurse I have only ever wanted to help people, as a Mother I only ever wanted a good life for our boys and for them to grow in a nurturing, respectful environment. Adam’s love and support gave us all of this. Having Adam literally ‘ripped’ out of our lives and my future stolen is too much for anyone to bear. I am no longer the person I was whilst he was alive. Adam loved and married me because of my values in caring for others because we were both ‘Good’ people.

Adam was a true family man, being a good husband and father were extremely important values to him as well as working hard and making an honest living. We enjoyed simple things like family meals – always cooked by Adam. He did lovely things for me like running a hot bath, putting out candles and having a meal cooked for me when I got in late from a Nursing Shift. He made life better in every way.

Hearing the tributes at Adam’s funeral enabled those there to see the true Adam.

The way his Boss spoke about how popular and respected he was in his Management Job at Booker Retail where he worked so hard.

The way our Sons spoke about the immensely positive impact he had on their lives. Both having challenging and misunderstood medical conditions, Adam was there every step of the way to encourage and support them.

We worked hard, saved and moved to Audlem for our family to be part of what we thought would be a caring community. Adam and I gave so much to the community buying The Deli, being company Directors and investing in the business, providing local employment and giving to local causes. All of this on top of our day jobs.

Adam was my soul mate, the love of my life, and the one for me. My heart has been broken since the day I laid next to him on his bed-side for the last time whilst on Life Support. I will forever be grateful for my darling husband, I love him always and forever.

I feel that justice has finally been served. That the actions of the main defendant, the lies he told to cover up the truth and not taking any responsibility, have been exposed. The British Judicial system is extremely fair in that a Jury must decide. It is heartening that a Jury of good people like the majority of people in the country have found him guilty. This sets the right example for our younger generations.

From Maria – Adam’s mum:

“The defendant’s and some of their friends have tried to portray our son Adam as a belligerent drunk that no-one liked, so they could justify their long held grudge against him and their actions which resulted in a totally unprovoked and fatal attack on Adam by Sam Thorpe during May 2018.

“It was Adam’s 45th birthday and he was our youngest son, a brother, Uncle and man with his own family. He was funny, loving and hard working in senior management and had also opened a delicatessen in Audlem, in order to be an integral part of this Cheshire village. This village, we now see contains a small number of hate filled people that only saw Adam as an outsider. Never did we envisage that when we wished him a happy birthday and joked with him that he was “Pushing fifty”, that he would become a statistic belonging to that group of people that are killed by a single punch. Adam’s Dad and I, along with the rest of his family thank the Police and CPS lawyers for their tenacity. We are forever broken hearted, but sadly Adam will probably not be the last to be killed in this way.”

From Danielle – Adam’s Niece:

Nothing will bring Adam back however, we now have some form of comfort knowing that these people have been punished for what they have done. Our lives have changed forever and they have shown no remorse. Please think about your actions first when finding yourself in these situations because this could be your family or someone else’s family who have to deal with these horrifying circumstances.

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