Advice and support for local Liverpool carers

Advice and support for local Liverpool carers

If you are caring for a vulnerable family member or friend during the coronavirus outbreak there is plenty of help and advice available that will support you in your caring role:

Liverpool Carers Centre

Liverpool Carers Centre is available by telephone or email for advice and guidance as well as information about other services.

Open – 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

You can also keep in touch on social media:

You can also follow the Carers Health and Wellbeing Twitter feed:  

Barnardo’s Action With Young Carers

Barnardo’s Action With Young Carers is available by telephone or email for young carers or anyone who knows a young carers who may need support.

The team is also providing shopping vouchers if families that they are supporting are in need. They will also deliver shopping or access online slots if a family is unable to leave their home.

Open – 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

The Brain Charity

The Brain Charity can arrange to deliver food supplies, collect prescriptions, support electric or gas top ups or access any other community-based services that carers cannot currently access themselves. They can also provide urgent food parcels and hot meals where needed.

The Brain Charity is also providing a weekly on-to-one catch up telephone and videophone service to people who are isolating or shielding. There is also online counselling support available for carers.

The Carers Advocacy Service continues to operate but offers a remote service and will only arrange face-to-face meeting if these are essential.

Open: 9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

The Brain Charity is also moving many of their weekly centre-based activities online. These events will appear in their website’s online calendar and on their social media as they become available.





Carers UK

The national charity has plenty of advice on its website for keeping people safe from infection and the rights of working carers.


A free e-service providing daily updates and information.

You can sign up for a free daily email full of tips, advice and information.

They also run Virtual Daily Cuppas at 4pm. Sign up for the session you’d like to attend on their webpage.

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