ASB figures fall in Stockport town centre as neighbourhood operation continues to produce results

ASB figures fall in Stockport town centre as neighbourhood operation continues to produce results

Officers patrolling Stockport town centre have seen a reduction in ASB-related offences as their dedicated operation continues to produce results.

Operation Riminni is a dedicated response to tackling reports of various offences in Stockport town centre: theft, shoplifting, and anti-social behaviour is all being robustly dealt with by neighbourhood officers.

On their latest dedicated day of action on Wednesday, two arrests were made – one on suspicion of fraud and one on suspicion of theft, while four stop-searches were carried out along with essential intelligence gathered throughout the afternoon.

In August 2022, 41 instances of anti-social behaviour were reported in the town centre, including reports by both businesses and customers. This month so far, there have been 17 reports.

This decrease has been assisted by Sergeant James Senior’s neighbourhood team, who have worked closely with local stores and shopping centres to monitor reports of criminality in the community.

This includes regularly speaking to store managers and security, providing advice and assistance on any problems they are experiencing.

Further partnership work includes co-ordinating with local charities and services, as well as local schools and children’s organisations.

Sergeant James Senior, from Greater Manchester Police’s Stockport district, said: “Our days of action are specifically designed to clamp down on theft and anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

“By regularly targeting known hotspots, with both uniformed and plain-clothed officers, we have successfully made a significant number of arrests, securing charges and overseeing a decrease in ASB reports.

“We will continue to work hard to ensure that Stockport remains a safe and welcoming environment for all.” 

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