Child care providers including childminders in Liverpool

Child care providers including childminders in Liverpool

National government has asked child care providers including childminders to begin to welcome children back from the 1st June 2020.  Each child care provider will need to individually determine when their setting should re-open or, where a setting is already open, how the setting should incrementally increases the number of children attending.  Any decision needs to be informed by consultation with parents (to assess the level of demand) and by a risk assessment (to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained). 

Liverpool City Council cannot direct a provider to open or remain closed as this decision needs to be taken on an individual business basis.  The decision may vary across different settings dependent on the existing space requirements and staff to children ratios.   It is anticipated that demand for child care is likely to be lower than usual at first.  In some cases it may be necessary for child care providers to introduce a temporary cap on numbers to ensure the safety of children and staff is the utmost priority. As mentioned previously, this will depend on each setting’s individual risk assessment as well as consultation with parents.

As each childcare setting is different we recognise that not all providers will be in a position to re-open or offer childcare to a wider group of children from 1st June 2020. 

Child care providers including childminders have played a critical role in supporting the City’s response to Covid 19. Liverpool City Council wishes to express our appreciation and thanks for your hard work and commitment.  If you are a child care provider and have any queries regarding your provision please contact the Early Years Team  – email

If you are a parent/carer who needs to return to work from 1st June 2020 and you cannot secure childcare, please contact the Family Information Service on 0151 233 0499 or 0151 233 0495 or email

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