Colleagues pay tribute to GMP officer, PC Jonathan Wain, who sadly died of COVID-19

Colleagues pay tribute to GMP officer, PC Jonathan Wain, who sadly died of COVID-19

PC Jonathan Wain

Serving Greater Manchester Police officer, PC Jonathan (Jon) Wain from GMP’s Bury district, sadly passed away on Monday 15 February 2021, after testing positive for COVID-19.

PC Wain leaves behind his partner Gaynor and two sons, who are receiving support from the force.

Jon, aged 49, joined GMP in December 2003 and was based on GMP’s Bury district. He was a highly respected and experienced response officer who was committed to serving the people of Bury.

Colleagues on GMP’s Bury district have paid tribute to PC Wain, and said: “Jon Wain aka ‘The Duke’ – which the famous actor John Wayne was nicknamed – was the quiet guy on the shift with that inner strength, strong will and drive, which was so easy to admire.

“He was passionate about being a police officer and doing a good job; that was who he was and he was proud of it.

“He was a true gentleman, and a man that is fondly remembered by all who have worked with him throughout his service. There is not a bad word to be said about Jon.

“On his current response team, he quickly became loved and highly respected and he was that go to guy for many of the young in service officers, which is a testament to his quick wit, knowledge and approachability. He wouldn’t watch anyone struggle, as it wasn’t in him to do so.

“To the response team he is irreplaceable. He will be in our thoughts and hearts forever and we will try to do him proud throughout our careers.

PC Keith Redmond has been reminiscing about memories he shared with Jon, and said: “Just before Jon became ill; we were in the middle of a conversation at the station when another colleague introduced myself and Jon to a student officer. They introduced Jon using his moniker ‘The Duke’ which led to ten minutes of us trying to explain who the legendary actor John Wayne was. This left myself and Jon chuckling with each other for some time; when had we become the old boys?

“I still remember that trademark lopsided grin and chuckle. We are all stunned that he’s gone and we’re all going to miss that smile.”

Paying tribute to PC Wain, Inspector Carl Peterson, said: “I first met Jon in 2014 when I joined the Bury district and I have since had the privilege of Jon being a member of my team for the past two years. 

“With 17 years’ service, Jon was one of the most experienced members of the team who the younger officers could turn to for advice.

“During his career, Jon experienced numerous changes and challenges within the service, some good and some bad, but he approached them all professionally and was always there to support his fellow officers.

“He would also be the first to volunteer for those incidents that require greater levels of compassion and patience. Jon just had a way of helping people through what, for some, would be the most difficult times in their lives.

“I think that is what people will remember most, Jon’s compassion and his cheeky wry smile. He will be missed by all that knew him.”

Chief Inspector Mike Brennan, said: “We are all truly saddened to have learnt of Jon’s death on Monday evening.

“Jon was very much a true gentleman and a valued member of the team at Bury. His tireless work to make the lives of people within Bury that little bit better and to make the community that little bit safer had such a profound impact amongst colleagues and the wider community.

“He was everything that a police officer should be and more, and we are proud to have called him a friend, a colleague and a brother in blue. He will be missed so terribly by all.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with Gaynor, Jon’s sons and his extended family at this incredibly sad time.”

A ‘Go Fund Me’ page in memory of PC Wain has been set up to support his family and a link to it can be found here: Crowdfunding to My friend Jon Wain who sadly passed away with COVID. To support his family on JustGiving

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