Consultations open to shape the future of standards in policing

Consultations open to shape the future of standards in policing

Police officers and staff, and members of the public are being encouraged to take part in two consultations that will help shape the future of standards in policing.

The College of Policing is asking for views on its public consultation on a new Code of Ethics as well as an updated Vetting Code of Practice.

The Code of Ethics sets out how police work with the public to keep people safe.

It provides a framework to guide the actions taken and decisions made by police officers, police staff, special constables and volunteers every day.

The new vetting code aims to provide chief officers with clear expectations and guidance on how to improve the standards and consistency during the recruitment process.

Detective Chief Superintendent Michael Allen, Head of GMP’s Professional Standards Branch, said: “The vetting of potential police officers and police staff is under the microscope by the public and the media after several recent, high-profile cases.

“Vetting is used during recruitment for all police officers and staff, and involves a series of background checks that includes such checks as previous convictions, employment history, relationships, social media use and financial history.

“GMP is committed to ensuring the right people come through the door and that they continue to reflect the ethical values that are at the heart of British policing.”

How to take part:

The new version of the Code of Ethics is being consulted on until 28 April 2023 and can be found here – Consultation: Code of Ethics | College of Policing

And the vetting consultation is open until 21 March 2023 and can be found here – Vetting guidance – have your say | College of Policing

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