Halton Borough Council is looking for people who can care for people in their own homes.

The role is as a self-employed carer – you will be paid to care for adults who are in need of help.

Halton Shared Lives (formerly known as the Adult Placement Service) is an award-winning service and provides care for people who need support due to age, illness or disability. The service provides day care, long term placement, supported living, a sitting service and short breaks to enable people to live an ordinary life in the community.

As a paid carer, you will work in your own home, caring for people who may be elderly, or may have learning difficulties or dementia, who are unable to care for themselves in a normal home environment.

Shared Lives is about taking that person into your own family, either on a daily basis or if you have the facilities, on a longer term basis. A little like fostering, but for adults.

You are not tied to your home, the adults being cared for can be taken out to meet your friends and relations, taken shopping or on short trips and walks if they are able. It’s all about inclusion and providing something you can both enjoy, even if that is sitting and talking about the TV or doing jigsaws!

Previous experience or qualifications are not essential as full training will be given. The application process will involve professionals coming out to your home to have a chat with you and anyone else who lives within your home and to see if your home would be suitable.

Homes which have level access is an advantage for most people being cared for and having a downstairs toilet is also taken into consideration.

Age or gender is not a barrier, in fact one of our carers is very much past retirement age and says that Shared Lives has given her someone to talk to and enjoy the day with, going out shopping and for trips with someone else makes it much more enjoyable.

Carers are self-employed and are paid according to hours worked and the number of people being cared for. Generous tax allowances mean that carers don’t pay income tax on their earnings.

Carers can choose what days they want to work. A standard day covers six hours from 10am to 4pm. Short breaks can be from one night up to two weeks.

The application process is as easy as a call during office hours to 0151 511 6677 or by filling in an online form at

Join our team of carers. It could be the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

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