COVID-19: Large increase in positive tests in Liverpool

COVID-19: Large increase in positive tests in Liverpool

‘Of particular concern to us is the number of (COVID-19) cases in the under 30s group’.

Matt Ashton, Liverpool’s Director of Public Health, talks about the 200 confirmed cases of COVD-19 in Liverpool over the last week, particularly in people under the age of 30 which indicates that a lot of the virus transmission is through the night-time economy.

Data covering testing up until Saturday 5 September show the total number of positive tests increased by 125 cases on the previous week, when there were 75. Almost 60 percent of cases are in people aged under 40.

The wards with the largest number of confirmed cases are Riverside (24 cases), Allerton and Hunts Cross (13 cases), Picton (9 cases), Church (9 cases), Cressington (9 cases), Central (8 cases), Wavertree (8 cases), County (8 cases), and Woolton (8 cases). Compared to the previous week, confirmed cases in all the wards have increased.

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