Drug dealer in Warrington jailed for four years

Drug dealer in Warrington jailed for four years

A drug dealer who controlled the ‘graft’ phone for an organised crime group (OCG) in Warrington has been jailed.

Thomas Bowler, of Leonard Street, was sentenced to four years in prison on Friday 11 June at Liverpool Crown Court.

The 31-year-old admitted to possession with intent to supply cocaine and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

On Thursday 21 January 2021 a warrant was executed at a property on Nora Street and Bowler was located by officers in the upstairs bedroom.

A number of drug paraphernalia, money, mobile phones and cocaine were found inside the bedroom and he was arrested.

While detained he told an officer ‘it’s all mine, everything you find belongs to me’.

Bowler’s phone was examined and found to contain a number of messages sent to drug users known as ‘flares’.

He had also made notes in his phone of a list of names followed by money values and the day of the week, hidden under ‘poker list’.

Bowler was taken into custody to be questioned and then subsequently charged.

Detective Sergeant Thomas Hall, of Warrington Local Policing Unit’s proactive team said: “Bowler is a well-established drug dealer and his role within the organised crime group was to be in charge of the customers who were supplied the drugs.

“This meant he controlled the graft phone containing all the customer’s details and sent messages advertising the sale of class A and B drugs. Some of these messages were threatening if money was owed to him.

“Bowler also videoed his associates surrounded by drug paraphernalia and bragged about it.

“The telecoms evidence against him was strong that he had no choice but to admit to his involvement in the OCG and he certainly isn’t bragging now he is behind bars.” 

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