Halton Borough Council is inviting  members of the public to view the draft Masterplan for the regeneration of  Astmoor and make comments.

To maximise the economic benefits created by the Mersey Gateway, Halton Borough Council produced a ten year physical regeneration plan, Mersey Gateway Regeneration Plus. This document identifies eight areas within Halton, where the new bridge and the reconfigured road network have the potential to open up land and stimulate new development and reposition an area for growth.

Within this plan, Astmoor Industrial estate has been identified as one of these eight places (called impact areas), due to the prominence and accessibility brought by the new crossing.  This can act as catalyst to attract new investment and help modernise the estate over coming years, making it a priority for Halton Borough Council.

In November 2018, the Council commissioned a consultant team led by town planners, urban designers, and architects from BDP to develop a Masterplan and Delivery Strategy supported by commercial property consultancy JLL, Curtins (highway engineers), and social value specialist’s EKOSGEN to produce a visionary 5year regeneration masterplan for Astmoor.

The Masterplan identifies the key strengths and weaknesses of the Estate and consider issues such as how to attract new development and investment into Astmoor and what happens to the land being handed back to Council. It will also seek to identify potential infrastructure improvement projects, such as car parking, landscaping, street lighting and signage.

View the draft in the link below and you can submit any comments and questions you may have to  by 12 noon on 10 August 2020.

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