GMP are proudly supporting Manchester’s 51st Caribbean Carnival

GMP are proudly supporting Manchester’s 51st Caribbean Carnival

Manchester’s 51st Caribbean Carnival has officially begun and is underway. With its vibrant mosaic of cultures and traditions, the Manchester Caribbean Carnival stands as a testament to the city’s diversity and inclusivity and GMP are proud to support event organisers and the local community.

Officers are working alongside carnival organisers, security staff and Manchester City Council to ensure a secure an enjoyable environment for all attendees.

In recognition of the significance of this event in Manchester’s calendar, GMP are assisting by providing resources and expertise to ensure community safety.

GMP Superintendent Arif Nawaz said: “Security and public reassurance remain our paramount priorities, and we are committed to helping event organisers and staff to deliver a seamless, secure and enjoyable carnival experience.Collaborating closely with event organisers and partners, GMP has meticulous safety protocols to support the smooth running of the event. These measures are designed to harmonise seamlessly with the vibrant spirit of the carnival, allowing participants to revel in the festivities without apprehension.

“The partnership between Greater Manchester Police, Manchester’s Caribbean Carnival and Manchester City Council exemplifies the fortitude of community synergy and the collective commitment to celebrating diversity in a secure and enjoyable atmosphere.Any forms of crime and disorder won’t be tolerated. We ask the public to be respectful to those around you and enjoy the organised daytime Caribbean Carnival event. All our officers are there to help and we hope everyone has a great weekend.”

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