GMP’s Sex Offender Management Unit showcase further positive progress following PEEL Inspection


Following a comprehensive inspection by His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in July 2023, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) continues to showcase significant advancements in the operations of its Sex Offender Management Unit (SOMU).

The latest statistics underscore positive progress in arresting suspects and achieving positive solved outcomes in the management of sex offenders. The data over the last 12 months (2023 calendar year) is reflective of the team’s relentless efforts and commitment to ensuring the safer management and enforcement, where necessary, of sexual offenders, ensuring victims of crimes are fully supported and safeguarded.

Key achievements of SOMU:

  • Increase in arrests: SOMU has demonstrated an extraordinary 196% increase in arrests compared to the 2022 calendar year, recording 446 arrests in 2023. This substantial rise showcases the team’s proactive approach to tackling potential threats from sex offenders within the community.
  • Monthly arrests: The team has consistently averaged 41 arrests per month in 2023, a significant leap from the average of 14 arrests per month in the corresponding period last year. This heightened level of activity showcases the team’s enhanced responsiveness and efficiency.
  • Solved crimes: In the last year, SOMU made significant progress, successfully solving 765 crimes, representing a substantial 86% increase on 2022. This further demonstrates the unit’s commitment to ensuring justice and safety in our community.

Detective Chief Inspector Jen Tattersall of GMP’s Sex Offender Management Unit said: “The positive progress over the last 12 months reflects our determination to enhance community safety throughout Greater Manchester.

“The notable increase in arrests, improved responsiveness and increased crime resolution rates highlight how seriously we take this issue, as we understand ensuring sex offenders cannot cause harm to the public is a collective top concern.

“Of course, we acknowledge the areas for improvement identified by HMICFRS’s PEEL inspection, however our progress already made I hope assures the public that we, alongside colleagues and partners, are on a positive journey.

“Beyond these key milestones on our trajectory of improvement, our ultimate aim remains to better safeguard the public, provide reassurance to victims of sexual crimes and the public, and ensure sexual offenders are managed effectively and proportionately.

“We are committed to learning, adapting, and evolving, so that Greater Manchester feels safer, and victims have improved trust and confidence in policing.”

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