Since a warning message was sent out last week we have been notified that the scammers have corrected all the spelling mistakes within their email.

This is not surprising, because the nature of these scams is that they are always evolving. It is not impossible you may receive the same email, but coming from a different scam email address.

Residents in the Borough have been receiving emails allegedly from ‘TM Courts & Tribunals Service’ regarding car penalty notices. However, these are scam emails, the email below has all the hallmarks of a scam. For example:
1. The email is actually sent from an email address ending in @visualgestion.net.
2. The email doesn’t address the consumer by name (this is because they don’t know it).
3. The email has a lot of spelling mistakes within it.
4. The location of where the consumer has picked up the parking fine is ‘United Kingdom’; this is purposely vague so you cannot question it.
5. They give you a contact telephone number, but then say it’s not available, this is just to give it a veneer of authenticity.

The reality is they just want you to pay via the link in the email.
The above issues with this scam email are not dissimilar to most scam emails, the only difference is the product or service (e.g. Tv licence, HMRC, eBay/PayPal, mobile phone or internet provider contracts). Sometimes these scam emails are saying you are owed money (i.e. you’ve won a competition or HMRC have taken too much tax), other times (as above) you have a fine or debt to pay.
If you receive the email below, simply delete it.

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