A visually impaired man from Hale Village is part of of a regional campaign to get people staying active during lockdown – after his wife dreamed up a great way for him to exercise.

Daivd Alderson, part of Halton Vision Support group, supported by Halton Borough Council, has been helped keep fit with an innovative rope system.

The inspiring 74-year-old, who is blind and partly deaf, with wife Aileen, who cares for him.

He has become the face of the #JoinTheMovement campaign, launched on Saturday by Sport England in The Echo., hoping others will be inspired by his efforts.

When lockdown hit, the pair were worried about keeping active, given the restrictions limiting the amount of time allowed outside.

But they came up with an inventive way to make sure he could get the amount of exercise he needs to stay fit and healthy.

Aileen tied a rope between two trees in their garden so that David could walk using it as a guide, to keep his step count up.
David says: “It’s not always easy for me to keep active, and especially with a lockdown in place,but Aileen made sure I could keep up my usual level of activity.

“I am a keen dancer, and used to be a swimmer, until my hearing problems made that a problem.

“It’s been so important, not just for keeping me healthy physically, but in terms of my mental health too.

“A few laps around the garden in the sun did wonders when the lockdown felt a bit
too much! And I certainly couldn’t have done it without Aileen”.

Aileen says: “It’s been great fun to spend time together in the garden, but David’s wearing the lawn and carpet out, so we’re excited to be able to walk around our local parks and coastal
paths now that restrictions are lifting!”

Aileen has since had to extend David’s rope trail in the garden to 75 paces so he can walk further.

David won a Halton Get Active Award in 2014, nominated by his group for his determination to take part in all activities regardless of his difficulties.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Sport, Cllr Phil Harris, said: “David is a true inspiration to others. Having disabilities is not a barrier to keeping fit.”

David’s longest rope walk so far is 4,000 steps, an average walk is around 3,000 steps.

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