Learn how to #GrowYourHappy

Learn how to #GrowYourHappy

Young people have helped to shape a new wellbeing support kit called #GrowYourHappy.

The online kit is an easy to digest page filled with ideas for young people to embrace taking care of their mental health and is being launched on International Youth Day on Wednesday 12th August.

With everything from playlist recommendations to links to resources to get specialised help #GrowYourHappy takes a positive look at the things young people can do to take care and look after their mental wellbeing.

The online space which is a padlet has been created by the Youth Council of St Helens and has been tailored by young people for young people including suggestions of how to be kind and positive messages to inspire your day.

Charlie, a member of the Youth Council, said: “I think the Padlet is a brilliant tool that could help such a wide range of people. The activities and resources are all brilliant and the projects are a brilliant way to cheer up or take your mind off things. The playlist may be a little silly but it always brings a smile to my face and I can’t wait to see the impacts it will have on young people in St Helens.”

Councillor Sue Murphy, Cabinet Member for Supporting Young People, added: “Our young people are incredibly resilient and despite the huge impacts that COVID-19 will have had on them through reducing their chances to see their friends, home schooling and so on they are still committed to helping others. That positive attitude to making a difference is really inspiring and we can all learn from them about looking forward positively and taking on changes to our lives that will make a impact for the better.”

You can see the work of the young people and join your messages and tips online at


To find out more about #GrowYourHappy you can also visit the St Helens Youth Service Instagram account @youthservicesth

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