Liverpool City’s Titanic tribute to our key-worker heroes

Liverpool City’s Titanic tribute to our key-worker heroes

Liverpool’s most famous ship has been given a stunning multi-coloured makeover as a special salute to all those heroic key-workers who are helping the city through the coronavirus outbreak.

For the past eight years, the sculpture of the Titanic has sat at the junction of Mill Street and the A561 – one of the major gateways into the city.

But in recent years the replica of the iconic liner has begun to look a bit tired and in need of a bit of TLC.
Liverpool City Council’s street cleansing and public space partner Liverpool Streetscene Services Ltd (LSSL) had plans to bring the artwork back to its former glory before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
Community artist Alan Murray, who created the piece, was commissioned by the Mayor’s Neighbourhood Fund and the Riverside Ward councillors to go back and raise the Titanic to its very best.
With the onset of the lockdown, Alan took the opportunity to give the pride of the White Star Line a bold new colour scheme reflecting the rainbow of gratitude that we all feel to those on the front line in the battle against coronavirus.
Alan has worked in isolation on the piece over recent days and now it stands resplendent once more – complete with a new flag giving thanks to all the ‘heroes’.
Since being unveiled, the ship has brought pleasure to both pedestrians and passing motorists alike.

Watch our video about the project.

Artist Alan Murray said: “The piece was originally created to commemorate the 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. The council asked me to give it a touch-up and I thought it was a good opportunity to use it as thanks to all those health workers, care workers, council staff and others who have been working hard through the pandemic.

“We are all being affected by COVID and hopefully if you are a doctor or care worker on your way into the city this will give you a little boost.

“It’s also has a connection with our city’s maritime past. The rainbow has become a symbol of this pandemic and I used the colours so it would resonate with people and send the message that we all need to stick together.”

Speaking on behalf of the Riverside ward councillors, Cllr Steve Munby, said: “The sculpture of the Titanic is a well-loved landmark in the Dingle, but it’s not been looking its best lately. We’ve planned a refresh for a few months, but its great Alan’s gone out and done it this way. It’s really cheered people up and has had a fantastic response from local residents. So many people are working hard to keep people safe and well. It’s really touching to see a tribute like this. Nice one mate!”

Liverpool City Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Highways, Cllr Sharon Connor, said: “This is a fantastic tribute to our key-workers and has brought a much-needed touch of colour to the lives of everyone who sees it as they go past. Our city has a rich artistic heritage and of course a world-famous maritime history.

“Alan has done a fantastic job in bringing these two elements together to create a stunning new celebration of our city’s other prized asset…its people.”

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