Throughout lockdown we have seen more people than ever using our parks and green spaces. It has been lovely to see people of all ages enjoying these jewels in Halton’s crown.

We want to encourage people to Tweet or Facebook their responsible park pics to us using, #LoveHaltonsparks and #Loveparks or email them to publicrelations@Halton.gov.uk – We will share the best ones

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for the Physical Environment, Cllr Ron Hignett, said: “Perhaps your child is always putting litter in the bin or you have been on a picnic and being all your litter home? Perhaps you are one of our volunteers helping the hard-working park workers? Why not tell the world?

“Halton Borough Council is supporting this campaign by highlighting the many wonderful aspects of our local parks and shining the light on the majority of park users who enjoy the spaces responsibly. “

The picture enclosed is Maureen, aged 76, binning her coffee cup in Victoria Park. 

She said: “I don’t live near here but think Halton is very lucky to have such lovely parks. 

“I feel it my duty to help then stay that way, by always finding a bin, or if they are fulll, taking my litter home. I’m more than happy to support this campaign.”

#belikemaureen and #binit or #takeithome

Keep Britain Tidy has reported an increase in anti-social behaviour from some members of the public and the volumes of litter and waste being left behind have exceeded anything parks across the country have ever had to deal with, even at peak times.

So this year, instead of their usual ‘Love Parks’ week, they are launching a new summer long-campaign to address this urgent issue. 

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