Man arrested following sexual assaults in Chester


Detectives have arrested a man following reports of a man inappropriately touching women in Chester.

Over the past two months officers have received four reports of an unknown man following women in the Garden Quarter area of Chester and touching them inappropriately before running off.

Enquiries in relation to the incidents have been ongoing and a 27-year-old local man has now been arrested in relation to the incidents.

The man was arrested on Saturday 16 September on suspicion of four counts of sexual assault and possession of a class B drug (cannabis).

He was interviewed by officers and has since been released on conditional bail.

Sergeant Andy Collinson, of Chester City Beat Management Team, said:

“I understand the concern that incidents of this nature can cause, and I hope that this arrest provides reassurance.

“While a suspect has been arrested, we will continue to provide high visibility patrols in the local area and would urge anyone with any concerns to speak to an officer.”

Sergeant Collison added:

“We know that the Garden Quarter is a popular area for students attending Chester University and as new students arrive in the city, we’re urging them to download the Hollie Guard app, which turns their smartphone into an advanced personal safety device.

“Once downloaded, a simple shake of a phone will generate an alert with the location, audio and video evidence of the incident automatically sent to an emergency contact via text and email.

“In addition, if the user shakes it again, the phone will send out a high-pitched alarm and the flash starts to strobe – in order to attract maximum attention.

“From the moment Hollie Guard is activated, the location is tracked and can be viewed in real time by the emergency contact. Evidence is not stored on the smartphone but on secure servers so that it can be used in the future as evidence if required.”

The Hollie Guard App was developed by the Hollie Gazzard Trust, which was set up by the parents and sister of Hollie Gazzard who was murdered by an ex-partner in 2014 at her place of work in Gloucester.

To find out more about Hollie Guard, or to download the app visit 

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