Man pleads guilty to not paying an FPN

Greater Manchester Police warns enforcement action is being taken in response to breaches of Covid-19 restrictions and will be further increased if necessary

A man has pleaded guilty to not paying a fixed penalty notice (FPN) issued to him after attending a party in April. This was during the period where the regulations included no socialisation with anyone outside your household and only being able to go out once a day to exercise or take a walk.

Instead of paying the original fine, he now has to pay a total of £319, which includes costs and a victim surcharge. If an FPN is not paid within 28 days the case will be referred to the courts.

Fines issued before 13 May were £60, but fell to £30 if paid within 14 days. Any fines issued after 13 May are £100, but fall to £50 if paid within 14 days. The fine increases significantly for repeat offenders.

Superintendent Andrew Sidebotham said: “We have issued 305 FPNs from March to May, but only 143 people have made payment for these fines.

“This equates to less than 50% of people complying and means a large amount of police resources is taken up taking those who fail to pay through the court system.

“Officers have been policing by consent by using the four Es approach throughout the pandemic and have only issued fines when there has been a clear breach of the regulations. Anyone that doesn’t pay the fine issued will face further action, which may result in an increase in the total costs the individual needs to pay.”

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