Manchester pupils celebrate exam success

Manchester pupils celebrate exam success

Peter Mulholland Principal of William Hulme’s Grammar with pupils

Two young people smiling holding papers in their hand, surrounded by other young people all smiling

Pupils from Parrs Wood High School collecting their exam results

Students at schools and colleges across Manchester have received their A level, BTEC and other vocational exam results today after sitting their first ever set of public exams.

As the cohort of students who didn’t get to sit their GCSEs due to Covid, and who faced multiple disruptions to their school life through the pandemic, today’s results are all the more impressive.

Councillor Garry Bridges, Executive Member for Early Years, Children and Young People, said: “The young people receiving their results today have been through education in exceptional circumstances and should be congratulated for how they’ve risen to the challenge.

“As they were educated during the pandemic they faced widespread upheavals, and with their GCSE exams being cancelled, they’ve had to readjust all over again to sitting exams.

“Manchester pupils faced more disruption than those in other parts of the country through the pandemic and our pupils deserve special praise for how they responded.

“Congratulations to those who got the results they need to go on to university, to an apprenticeship, or into employment.

“For those who didn’t- don’t panic, there is always someone to give you advice and support you into your next destination.

“There is a future pathway for everyone, it’s just about finding the right fit and we’re determined to do everything we can to support all our young people to succeed and to be happy in their lives.”

One headteacher who knows just how hard the class of 2023 have had to work is Peter Mulholland, outgoing Principal of William Hulme’s Grammar School in Manchester, who is retiring at the end of the month after 15 years at the school starting in 2008, and over thirty years teaching in schools in the North West of England.

Peter Mulholland, Principal said:  “I’m very proud of what our students have achieved this year, despite not having sat their GCSE exams because of Covid.  

“They’ve shown great resilience throughout their A Level courses and are a credit to themselves and to our school.  At the same time tribute must also be paid to our school staff for the continued care, dedication and expertise they have brought to their jobs over the hardest of times.

“Whatever next steps our students take – whether that’s going off to university like many will be, having secured places on some of the most competitive courses around, or moving into the world of work through an apprenticeship or further training, or even taking some time out to decide what to do next – after everything they have been through over the last few years they really do deserve the best, and to succeed and to thrive in the future.”

A young person smiling holding a paper in her hands

Pupils from Trinity CE High School celebrating exam success


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