Meet Special Constable: Graham Jones

Meet Special Constable: Graham Jones
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Graham Jones, 56, has been a Special Constable for four-and-a-half years and has a long history of volunteering his services.

Graham, who spends much of his days as a full time carer for his wife, has been isolating to protect his wife for the duration of the pandemic.

He explained: “I’ve always enjoyed volunteering – from being in the military to running a cadet unit. I was fortunate to be able to give up work when I was 50, but I wanted something meaningful to do. I could not think of anything better than being a volunteer police officer.

“The fascinating part of being a volunteer police officer is the diversity of the role, but the best part is helping people, knowing you’ve made a positive difference to their lives.

“I’m a Special Sergeant, responsible for the specials at my local police station, ensuring they have no issues and that they are progressing with the portfolio to achieve independent status.

“I’m fortunate because as well as having authority to drive a police car, I can also drive a carrier so I’m able to take nine officers out at any time. Being within the local policing teams I focus on anti-social behaviour within my community from drug dealing, stolen motor vehicles and nuisance youths.”

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