More speeding cases due to quieter roads

More speeding cases due to quieter roads

The coronavirus lockdown has meant roads and motorways are less busy – with some road users taking advantage of this to break the speed limit.

Warrington Borough Council has collected data that shows overall traffic rates are currently 62% lower on average compared to last year. The majority of residents in Warrington are clearly observing the government’s instructions to avoid all but essential travel.

However, the lighter traffic levels have resulted in some drivers increasing their speed with some driving well above the stated speed limit. By increasing speed, motorists risk being involved in a collision and injuring either themselves or other road users and pedestrians.

Cllr Hans Mundry, cabinet member for transportation, highways and public realm, said: “Speed limits are set for a reason – to keep road users and pedestrians as safe as possible, and to reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of a collision. Cheshire Police are still enforcing speed limits on our roads and drivers caught speeding or committing other driving offences, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using your phone behind the wheel, or driving without a seatbelt, will be dealt with accordingly.”

“If you have to make an essential journey – do not exceed the stated speed limit. Just because the roads are clearer, it doesn’t mean that you can drive faster, and put yourself and others in danger. Please don’t risk a collision or put more strain on our emergency services at this critical time. ”

Thank you to all residents who follow social distancing, limit travel and keep to speed limits.

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