Halton Borough Council is working to make it easier to cycle and walk in our area, ‘pop up’ and more permanent measures for the borough.

To help sustainable movement of people as COVID-19 travel and movement restrictions are eased, Halton secured £208k Government funding to accelerate walking/cycling projects across the borough.

In recent months the Government instructed Local Authorities to implement Social Distancing Measures to enable safe active travel journeys in support of Re-Start the Country to enable reduced public transport due to Covid 19. 

Initial schemes have been identified scientifically by interpreting transport model data, and passenger travel numbers in line with government guidance.

Phase 1 temporary ‘pop-up’ schemes are being implemented over the next few weeks in three locations to give more protected road space to cyclists (and assist pedestrians) on critical transport corridors.

These three routes are:

• Liverpool Road, Chestnut Lodge area.
• East Lane to Murdishaw via Halton Hospital – Daylight Cycling permitted on Carriageway.
• Greenoaks- Aldi to Marzahan Way

This will give alternatives to using the bus on busier routes. 

Phase 2 applications for more permanent routes have been submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) via the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA).

The proposed routes which were already identified in the regionally adopted Local Cycle Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) are as follows;

• Segregated combined Cycle/Footway Halton Hospital to Murdishaw Local Centre along existing Busway verge.
• Birchfield Road to Wilmere Lane – on road cycle route. 
• Murdishaw Local Centre to Castlefields via Runcorn East Train Station- along existing Busway verge.

Other routes identified by consultation with the walking and cycling commissioner for LCR, Simon O’Brien, and the business community.

• Heath Road (Big Pool) to Clifton Road- on road cycle route
• Cronton College to Barrows Green Lane.- On road / widened footway.
• Astmoor links- Improved footpath/cycle route from new cycle route to Astmoor Road.

We are now awaiting confirmation of funding from the DfT for Phase 2 routes.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Transportation, Cllr Stan Hill, said: “In the meantime Halton Borough Council has aspirations to extend the active travel network, If you would like to suggest a new cycle route please visit.

“Officers regularly check this site for suggestions, we cannot guarantee we can deliver the route, but your feedback is always welcome.”

For current cycling information and routes please visit…

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