Need some motivation to keep yourselves fit while we stay at home during Coronavirus pandemic? Just a reminder of the links our Sports Development department put together.

It comes as new research again shows a link between physical and mental health.

it is important to keep moving, as exercise remains a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and you don’t have to go to the gym to workout.

The desire to be active has never been higher, according to a new survey from Sport England, “almost two-thirds of adults in England consider exercise to be more important than ever during the current coronavirus crisis”

Sixty five percent of adults “believe exercise is helping them with their mental health” during lockdown.

The survey also demonstrated a link between perceived loneliness and physical activity; those taking part reporting higher levels of wellbeing and happiness.

Whilst there is a desire to be more active during lockdown with many people having more free time, there has been a drop in activity levels as 38 per cent of adults in England have done less physical activity than pre-lockdown levels.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Sport, Cllr Phil Harris, said: “Maybe motivation needs a boost?

“Get motivated; check our Stay Active webpage for ideas and links to lots of exercise classes or pictures of exercises you could do at home, with everything from gentle chair based exercise to high intensity workouts.”

Halton has “Joined the Movement” with Sport England’s “#StayInWorkOut” campaign; we even have one of our local active me exercise coaches Janet Woodcock on the national Join the Movement advert. Janet went global teaching her exercise classes in her street.

Paula Parle and Zoe McAvoy from Halton’s Health Improvement Team are worried about older people who may not go online and are missing the messages and advise to stay active at home.

Paula said: “Loss in leg strength and balance due to long periods of sitting at home could lead to falls, but as little as 5-minutes of exercise at home could help maintain movement.

“Halton’s Health Improvement Team produced a booklet full of advice to help prevent falls and Sports development have been busy encouraging followers on social media to share information with older relatives and friends.”
For further information about falls prevention call: 0300 029 0029

For further information about physical activity in Halton call: Paula Parle on  0151 511 8550 or email

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