National Police Chief’s Council adopts The Charter for Families Bereaved through Public Tragedy

Statement on unexplained death of woman in Fazakerley

Today Merseyside Police has welcomed the decision by the National Police Chiefs’ Council to  formally adopted ‘The Charter for Families Bereaved through Public Tragedy’.

Chief Constable Serena Kennedy, explained: “The charter was borne out of a review carried out by the former Bishop of Liverpool, Bishop James Jones, which examined the experience of families following the Hillsborough disaster.

“Here on Merseyside we know all too well the devastating impact that the disaster, and the way it was dealt with by those involved, had on the families of the victims, and how that reverberated across the county.

“The Charter adopted by the Chief Constables’ Council reinforces the importance of putting bereaved families first and foremost following a public tragedy and the requirement to be open, honest and transparent, whilst making full disclosure of relevant documents, material and facts.

“For me personally, it is vital that as a police force we adhere to this in everything we do.  To build trust and confidence in our communities we must be open and honest and transparent with them,  and I, and the force, wholeheartedly support the Charter.”

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