New campaign launches to bust adoption myths and recruit adopters

New campaign launches to bust adoption myths and recruit adopters

A new nationwide campaign has launched to dispel myths around who is eligible to adopt and highlight that, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still children out there who are looking for their new family.

The #YOUCANADOPT campaign is being supported in St Helens Borough and launches as the number of adoptions in England has fallen by a third in the past four years.

To help people realise adoption could be something for them, the #YOUCANADOPT campaign aims to break down barriers and misconceptions about who is eligible to adopt.

People can adopt from a variety of backgrounds, including single parents, people from all religions, people from the LGBTQ+ and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.

The adoption process has changed over the years and there is a lot more support available. Ultimately, most people have the qualities to be a good parent and the campaign wants to support people to feel confident that they are capable of adopting.

Councillor Nova Charlton, St Helens Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Protecting Young People, said: “One of the biggest challenges in recruiting adopters is the lack of understanding and awareness about what adoption is, who is eligible, the process you go through and the support that’s available.

“Becoming an adopter is easier than you think, and most people have the qualities to be a great parent. Your gender, relationship status, ethnicity, age if you’re at least 21, religion or sexuality doesn’t matter, nor does your occupation, salary or the size of your home. If you can love and care for a child, it’s likely that you can adopt.

“By supporting this national campaign, we hope to ensure people have the correct information and don’t rule themselves out based on false assumptions such as the idea that single people, older people or people in same sex relationships are not eligible to adopt.

“The whole world appears to have changed since the coronavirus outbreak, but there are still many children who are looking for their new family, so there is a clear need to reinforce that to potential adopters. Adoption can be such a rewarding experience so please get in touch if you think you can offer a child a safe, stable and loving home and help them to unlock their bright future.”

To find out more about adoption and apply, visit or call 01942 487272.

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