New Dallam pumping station to tackle flooding

New Dallam pumping station to tackle flooding

Residents in Orford and Longford who have suffered a long history of flooding incidents are to receive a major boost, thanks to a new project.

The council has joined forces with United Utilities and the Environment Agency to develop plans for a new pumping station aimed at tackling flooding in the area.

The Orford and Longford areas of Warrington – in particular around Densham Avenue, Gough Avenue and Northway – have faced flooding issues for many years, with the most recent incident taking place last November.

The council’s Engineering and Flood Risk Team has been working closely with residents to resolve the issue, and has carried out extensive, complex, drainage investigations and studies.

It has culminated in the £477,000 Dallam pumping station project, which is now in its final stages of design. The project will involve the demolition of the existing drainage system outfall into Dallam Brook and the construction of a new pumping station. Three new pumps will be installed to assist with the discharge of water from the drainage system into Dallam Brook.

Funding for the project is being provided by Warrington Borough Council (£100,000), United Utilities (£177,000) and the Environment Agency (£200,000).

Works are scheduled to start in August and are expected to last for around 14 weeks.

Warrington Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for highways, transportation and public realm, Cllr Mundry, said “We know how much distress the repeated flooding events in this area have caused to local residents for a number of years. This has been further impacted by climate change, which is leading to an increase in storms and flooding to roads and properties.

“That’s why we have made a commitment to do everything we can to minimise the risk of future flooding in the area. Funding for flood risk is extremely limited, so I’m delighted that, working in collaboration with United Utilities and the Environment Agency, we’ve successfully secured almost £500,000 in partnership funding to deliver this important project. It’s great news for local residents.”

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