Officers play against the Moss Side community in a memorial match for Sait Mboob

Officers play against the Moss Side community in a memorial match for Sait Mboob

This weekend local police officers from the City of Manchester South Division played a football match against members of the Moss Side and Hulme community in memory of Sait Mboob, who was attacked and sadly died in August 2017.

Sait was a keen footballer and the event was organised by Councillor Lee-Ann Igbon and 84Youth – a youth led organisation who deal with the causes of youth violence. All involved felt that a football match would be a fitting way to celebrate Sait’s life.  

The game was competitive, but well spirited and fun with the community team taking home the trophy.

Sait’s friends and family were present, with his brother Alfred playing for the community team. His mother Helen and his younger siblings presented the trophies to the winners and runners up as well as the Man of the Match award which went to a goalie from 84Youth.

£105 was raised from ticket prices and contributions which was then donated to Sait’s family to help with the refurbishment of his grave. 

Throughout the day, officers and partners came together with the local community to play a game of football and to show both support and solidarity to the community. By building these relationships and working together as a partnership alongside the community, officers are hopeful that we will be able to start conversations and work as one towards a joint goal of raising awareness and reducing youth violence.

Sergeant Martin Harrison, of GMP’s Xcalibre team, said: “I, along with others present on Sunday, were some of the first officers at the scene when Sait and his friends were attacked. The impact of this attack had a huge impact on me personally and other officers who work in the Moss Side area and the ramifications are still felt four years later. 

“This match was a way to show the community, alongside Sait’s family and friends, that Police Officers, staff and partners all care about what happens in our communities and we are all committed to dealing with issues such as serious youth violence, criminal child exploitation and child sexual exploitation.

“Our dedicated Xcalibre team are committed to reducing gang related violence in the Moss Side and South Manchester area and will continue to work closely with the local community and support groups such as the Central Youth Partnership and 84Youth in the positive work they do.

“There is still a lot of work for us to do in regards to reducing serious youth violence, and the support we receive from our partners and the community is so important in helping us to achieve this goal.

“I’d like to thank all involved in organising today’s game and I hope that our involvement can provide some small comfort to Sait’s family and friends.”

Councillor Lee-Ann Igbon, Manchester City Council Race Lead, said: “On 9 August 2017 Sait Mboob and friends were attacked with knives and sadly Sait died. The immediate impact to Sait’s family, friends and community in Hulme & Moss Side caused extreme trauma. The immediate actions was to reduce retaliation in which the community, police, friends and both Akemia Minott and myself took a lead to help with cohesion. In November of that year we planned a charity football match to help with continued cohesion and addressing concerns. The match was held this Sunday (10 October) at Platt Lane Sports Complex and over 80 young people family, friends, services and youth providers.

“Knife and gun crime is a serious issue that our police, community and other support workers and partners are faced with, and with further lives being taken as a result of this type of violence it’s important that we all work together to put a stop to this type of crime. As a resident youth worker and councillor I decided to hold a match for the young people and the police to help build solidarity between them both as well as peer support and continued ways of learning as we continue to challenge and stop individuals from becoming involved in serious youth violence.

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