Police car windows smashed whilst officers on patrol

Police car windows smashed whilst officers on patrol

We are appealing to the public for your help to trace the people responsible for smashing the windows of one of our police cars.

Whilst attending reports of a sudden death on Fender Way, Beechwood at around 3.30 this afternoon (24th April), officers were alerted when two people riding a grey motorcycle pulled up alongside their car and threw a brick through the window, causing considerable damage.

Inspector Andy McLullich said: “Our job is to keep you safe and this is what we get in return? It is really saddening to see someone could do this. It isn’t just a quick fix – this has left us one car down meaning less officers are able to patrol the streets, help vulnerable people and respond to incidents.

“In a time where there is already a huge demand on all emergency services, it is shocking that this anti-social and careless behaviour carries on.

“Luckily the officers weren’t inside the car at the time, but they were dealing with a separate incident. Needless to say, this was unnecessary and shows the true nature of some people and their complete lack of respect for services currently going above and beyond to keep them safe.”

Anyone that knows who is responsible, get in touch @MerPolCC or by calling @CrimestoppersUK anonymously quoting: 20000237867.

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