Police have seized five off-road bikes that were being driven illegally in Wigan

Greater Manchester Police warns enforcement action is being taken in response to breaches of Covid-19 restrictions and will be further increased if necessary
Seized bikes
The bikes that were seized
Seized bikes 2
The bikes being taken away

Police have seized five off-road bikes that were being driven illegally in Wigan.
Officers from GMP’s specialist off-road bike team, part of the Safer Roads Targeting Team, were deployed at around 11am this morning (Saturday 6 March 2021) to Withington Lane  in Aspull, following a report of off-road motorbikes being used in an anti-social manner.
Police seized five of-road bikes and a Ford Transit van under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002.

No arrests were made.
GMP’s Safer Roads Targeting Team is equipped with a fleet of on and off-road bikes and unmarked cars to help catch offenders riding illegally.
Sergeant Brian McGill of GMP’s Safer Roads Targeting Team, who carried out today’s successful operation, said: “We know that off-road bikes being driven illegally and in an anti-social manner is a real cause of concern and annoyance in our communities.
“We work alongside local authorities and residents to tackle the problem and measures include gating off areas that are used, putting up warning signs or, if the problem is persistent, ultimately seizing a bike that is used illegally and taking it off the streets for good.
“We’d encourage people to use the online reporting facility at www.gmp.police.uk, where there is a specific section for reporting nuisance use of motorcycles.”

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