Puppy passes police school

Puppy passes police school

Logan the Dutch Herder, who got much media interest when he first joined the Cheshire and North Wales Alliance, has successfully qualified as a General Purpose police dog.

Instructor and handler PC Richie Land first took Logan in at 8 weeks old and the pup has been living and training with him ever since.

logan WIDE
Logan then…

On 7 May an independent assessor passed Logan on all the criteria needed to get out there and protect the public and chase down suspects.

PC Richie Lane said: “When I got him back in summer last year he was just eight weeks old and getting to grips with his new surroundings.

“He has settled right in both at home and in work and now he has qualified to be licensed as a general purpose police dog.

He did really well and I’m looking forward to working with him full time. It’s a real privilege.”

logan 2 WIDE
…Logan now

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