Responding to illegal raves and large gatherings in Greater Manchester

Officers in Aigburth following reports of illegal rave

In recent weeks, Greater Manchester Police has increased resourcing in response to illegal raves that have been taking place across Greater Manchester and are doing all we can to prevent them.

As well as planned raves, we have also seen a growing number of large gatherings and outdoor parties in recent weeks.

Yesterday the total number of reports of large gatherings was 39, and the number of raves we have seen across Greater Manchester in the past few weeks is two, one in Carrington and the other in Oldham two weeks ago.

There is a clear risk from attendance at any of these events or gatherings as there are no safety measures in place and we urge everyone to stay away.

The risk of Coronavirus is still present and attending events in large groups is in breach of Covid legislation. Social distancing guidelines still apply and large amounts of people stood closely together increases the risk to other members of the public. We all have individual responsibility for protecting ourselves and those around us.

These events can also be really disruptive to those living nearby.

In response to any reports we receive, officers will attend and assess these gatherings to consider any wider risks to the public. However, due to the large amount of resourcing needed to police these events, we are asking people not to attend any gatherings, so we can prioritise other critical incidents that require an emergency response.

A large amount of police resource is pulled away from potentially more critical incidents by these gatherings so we urge you not to attend.

Last night a police officer was injured and five vehicles damaged as officers dispersed an illegal gathering in Manchester.

Reports were received at around 10pm on Thursday 25 June 2020 of a gathering of around 150 people at a cul-de-sac on St Stephen’s Close in the Longsight area.

Officers successfully dispersed the group but were met with hostility in the process, which saw one officer injured and five vehicles damaged.

The officer thankfully didn’t require further treatment and the vehicles have been sent for repairs.

ACC Mabs Hussain said: “Officers responded to last night’s incident after receiving reports from concerned members of the public about this illegal gathering. After trying to engage with the group they were met with hostility and one officer was injured.

“Our officers respond to incidents in order to protect the public. When they arrive at a scene and are then subsequently attacked for doing their job, it is unacceptable. We do not tolerate these attacks as they don’t deserve to be treated in this way.

“These are the officers that the same community will call upon when they require our assistance. These officers will be there for them in times of need, so attacking someone who will also be there for you in your own time of need will not be tolerated.

“This weekend we are again increasing our resources dedicated to preventing illegal raves and large gatherings. Last weekend we disrupted at least 13 raves from taking place and again we will do all we can to prevent any from happening this weekend. When we see illegal activity taking place, we will take action. If you attend an illegal rave you may face arrest and prosecution. Our advice is don’t do it.”

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