Ten top recycling tips

Ten top recycling tips

It’s National Recycle Week and Liverpool City Council’s Recycle Improvement Team has revealed its top tips for improving how much you recycle, and reducing how much general waste you produce. 

Here’s their top ten – how many are you doing already?!

  1. Don’t buy single-use plastic bottles, drink from a re-usable container instead
  2. Don’t put shredded paper in the recycle bin – the paper fibres get stuck in the machinery – use a confidential waste bag instead
  3. Please put the correct items in the office recycling waste bins and recycling bins at home
  4. Consider changing your tea bags to ones that are biodegradable
  5. Don’t crush your recyclables – the machinery recognises them by their shape – please keep items loose in the bin, not inside a plastic bag
  6. Use household waste recycling centres for recycling large or bulky items
  7. Please don’t put yoghurt pots or food trays in the recycle bin
  8. Shop at an eco-friendly shop which sells dried/liquid products on a refillable basis
  9. Get your milk delivered in a bottle – glass can be recycled endlessly
  10. Try a home composter to put kitchen and garden waste to good use.

For more on recycling in the city visit liverpool.gov.uk

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