Three year Criminal Behaviour Order issued against Jeff Dey

Three year Criminal Behaviour Order issued against Jeff Dey

Merseyside Police is welcoming a three year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) issued against Jeff Dey.

The order, issued at Liverpool Magistrates Court on Tuesday 16 February, will prevent 31-year-old Dey of no fixed address from carrying out thefts, burglaries, assaults and anti-social behaviour following a number of recent offences in Liverpool.

It will run until Thursday 15 February 2024. Should he breach the conditions of this order, Dey will be returned to the courts and may be jailed.

Officers from Merseyside Police submitted the application following eight separate incidents in Liverpool City Centre shops between November 2020 and January 2021 where Dey was charged with theft and burglary.

For the next three years Dey must not:
Enter the two areas of Liverpool City Centre as per the attached maps unless for medical or legal reasons
Enter any Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Spar, or Lidl Store/Supermarket within the County of Merseyside
Remain in any shop premises if asked to leave by a member of staff of those premises within the County of Merseyside
Act or encourage others to act in an anti-social manner.

Speaking after the order was issued, Acting Inspector Jacqui Keeler of the Community Policing Team said: “Criminal Behaviour Orders continue to be an extremely effective tool in tackling persistent offenders who have a negative impact on our communities.

“The successful application for a CBO for Dey shows the impact that his behaviour has had on the community and businesses in Liverpool City Centre. We work alongside businesses and residents, as well as support services, to ensure that those who continue to offend are offered the necessary support.

“To apply for such an order is the necessary consequence of a long pattern of behaviour adversely affecting those who live and work in Liverpool, and we will continue to utilise them for the benefit of our community.”

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