Tree planting on Callands Field

Warrington Borough Council reaffirms position on Peel Hall development

The council is to relocate a number of new trees on Callands field, which have been planted on grassland adjacent to the Callands Road children’s play area.

The trees have been planted with the best intentions but without the council’s knowledge or permission, meaning no prior checks were carried out. The planting location is not suitable due to there being underground services present and their future growth will obscure the open views of the children’s play area. 

Cabinet member for Environment and Public Protection, Cllr Judith Guthrie said: “Trees which are planted without the correct permissions can cause issues with the local environment and also effect the health of the trees themselves. Having identified these issues on Callands field it is important to relocate these trees as soon as possible”.

The trees will be relocated to a more suitable location within existing woodland areas.

Prior to any tree planting, there needs to be an assessment made of the site for its longer term suitability, further guidance on tree planting is available on the Woodland Trust website.

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