Warrington hits national top 10 for children’s cycle training

Warrington hits national top 10 for children’s cycle training

Primary school children in Warrington are being given a great start in cycling proficiency, according to the latest figures.

The Bikeability Trust has published new statistics about the reach of its programme across the country. Bikeability is the government’s national cycle training programme, which gives young people confidence, practical skills and understanding of how to cycle on today’s roads.

The figures show Bikeability is reaching more children than ever before, with Warrington one of the areas at the forefront of the success, earning a national top 10 place for the delivery of the training across its primary schools.

Of the 69 primary schools in Warrington, 65 have benefited from Bikeability training in 2022/3 or 2023/4. There are 2,801 children in year 6 (2022/3) and 76% of these received Bikeability training before going to secondary school.

Cycle trainer provider BikeRight! delivers Bikeability on behalf of Warrington Borough Council. Year 5 and 6 pupils receive Level 1 & 2 Bikebability, which is a one-day course for six riders. The course starts on the playground, before moving onto the roads and around the school.

Warrington Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for transport, highways and public realm, Cllr Hans Mundry, said: “Cycling has a hugely positive impact on the wellbeing of young people, and learning to do so safely gives them a life-skill which will continue into later years. It’s great news that so many of our young people are getting such a fantastic start in cycling proficiency.

“To be ranked in the top 10, nationally, for the delivery of the Bikeability programme is a real success. It’s down to fantastic partnership working between the council, BikeRight and our schools, which is putting our young people on the road to being skilled, confident cyclists.”

The Bikeability Trust’s delivery statistics show that, nationally, 461,887 children, across 9,844 schools received training between April 2022 and March 2023, representing 66% of primary schools in England (excluding London).

The others areas listed in the top 10 for Bikeability delivery are Plymouth, Solihull, Lancashire, Leeds, Cumbria, Cheshire East, Hull, Cambridgeshire and Devon.

Bikeability Trust Chief Executive Emily Cherry said: “I’m so proud of the 461,887 children across England who can now enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of cycling, and will have the skills and confidence to be able to make more sustainable transport choices for the rest of their lives.

“Well done to you all, and huge thanks to our brilliant instructors and training providers across the country, who are so committed to teaching young people this essential life skill. And a special well done to our Bikeability superstars in the top performing areas.

About The Bikeability Trust 


  • The Bikeability Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the vision to ensure everyone has the confidence to cycle and enjoy this skill for life. The Trust manages, develops and promotes the Bikeability programme on behalf of Active Travel England. 
  • Bikeability cycle training is a practical training programme, which provides children and adults with a life skill and enables them to cycle confidently and competently on today’s roads. More than five million children have received Bikeability cycle training since the programme’s inception in 2007.  
  • The training equips children with vital life skills. Pupils not only learn to cycle, they gain independence, social skills and a sense of wellbeing. After Bikeability, children are better at responding to risk and report increased confidence. As a result, more children cycle to school which in turn improves mental health and wellbeing.
  • The Bikeability Trust works with Active Travel England, Local Highways Authorities and a workforce of enthusiastic cycle instructors to empower people to cycle on the road. The confidence and competence it brings will enable more people to embrace an active lifestyle.

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