Warrington residents reminded to take extra caution heading into the weekend

Warrington residents reminded to take extra caution heading into the weekend

The council’s Public Health leaders have reiterated the need for residents to remain extra cautious and to guard against complacency, as coronavirus case numbers continue to increase in Warrington.

The most recent figures show that in the last seven daysfrom Thursday 6 August, there have been 31 cases.

These figures represent a marked increase in cases in Warrington compared to last month, despite Warrington having one of the lowest infection rates in the North West.

Following calls earlier this week for Warrington residents to play their part to prevent the spread of the virus, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, is renewing her appeal for residents to continue to do all they can to prevent further transmission of the virus.

Cllr McLaughlin said: “Please think carefully about where you go, and who you see, over the weekend. We need everybody’s support over the coming weeks to drive case numbers back down and I would ask anyone who feels even slightly symptomatic or generally unwell, to book a coronavirus test and self-isolate immediately. We need to do all we can to avoid the prospect of localised lockdown restrictions like we’ve seen in Greater Manchester, for example.

“It is still in our hands to control the increase in case numbers. I understand the temptation, especially over the weekend, to visit people and to go places where you may not especially want to socially distance yourself – but I would ask you to remain disciplined to help protect one another. There may be people you will see and socialise with who have the virus but are not displaying any symptoms and who could pass it on to you or more vulnerable people. It is therefore of the utmost importance you continue to follow the clear guidance to avoid making yourself, or others, seriously unwell.

“And finally, always remember the basics – to wear face coverings where necessary, to maintain excellent hand hygiene, to keep your distance and to book a test if you have any symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, including a high temperature, persistent cough or loss of normal taste or smell.”

Warrington’s coronavirus case numbers are rising – but we can all play our part to help reduce the spread of the virus. If you are displaying coronavirus symptoms – book a test straight away.

For more information, visit: warrington.gov.uk/TestAndTrace

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