Warrington’s Public Health leaders ask residents to “redouble efforts” to prevent coronavirus transmission

Warrington’s Public Health leaders ask residents to “redouble efforts” to prevent coronavirus transmission

The council has issued a strong warning for us all to guard against complacency and to remain extra cautious, as the latest coronavirus figures for Warrington show 33 new confirmed cases in the last seven days*.

This is a substantial rise in confirmed cases for Warrington. Our numbers have been very low over the last couple of months and whilst rates remain lower than many other areas in the North West, this increase over recent days is a reminder to us all to take the utmost care to help prevent further transmission.

The majority of recently confirmed cases are within the community, and not confined to one local hotspot. A small number of Warrington’s new cases were identified in care homes through routine, regular testing. All appropriate prevention measures in affected care homes continue to be in place, and routine whole care home testing is being delivered across Warrington, with staff and residents tested on a frequent basis. This regular testing in care homes helps to protect our most vulnerable residents by identifying asymptomatic (where people show no symptoms) and pre-symptomatic (before symptoms are displayed) cases so that control measures can be put in place immediately.

Cabinet member for Public Health, Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, said: “For the past few months, Warrington has had one of the lowest infection rates in the North West, which has required a huge, dedicated effort from our communities – particularly considering that we border with areas of Greater Manchester which have seen localised lockdown restrictions applied in recent weeks.

“We have always known, however, that we aren’t immune to the virus in Warrington. The virus doesn’t respect geographical boundaries – there is always the risk that transmission will increase and the number of cases will rise.

Now more than ever we cannot afford to be complacent and we must redouble our efforts to stop the virus from spreading.

“Despite the warm weather, we still need to remain disciplined. Please make sure if you are heading out, meeting up with friends or going into busy public spaces, you maintain social distancing and wear a face covering where appropriate. For young people in particular during the summer holidays, I know there will be a real temptation for some to socialise in larger groups than is allowed, and to not follow social distancing. Please – stick to the guidance, not just to protect yourself from getting seriously ill with the virus, but to protect others you could unknowingly pass the virus to, like grandparents or vulnerable people who could also become very poorly if they contract the virus.

“Preventing a further increase in cases is in our control if we work together. We can all play our part to bring case numbers down again.

“So, please continue to observe social distancing, maintain excellent hand hygiene and wear a face covering when you need to (such as going to the shops). And, if you have any symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, including a high temperature, a persistent cough or loss of normal taste or smell – or if you just generally feel unwell – book a coronavirus test immediately.”

For more information, visit warrington.gov.uk/TestAndTrace

*figures calculated for seven day period from Wednesday 5 August

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