Weddings and civil partnerships to restart in Warrington

Weddings and civil partnerships to restart in Warrington

Following new government guidance, weddings and civil partnerships will be able to go ahead from Saturday 4 July.

This means couples who have already given notice of their marriage/civil partnership can proceed if they wish to do so, assuming the venue remains available and it is safe for the Registrars to attend.  However, if the venue is closed then a new notice is required.

While weddings can now include more guests, they are likely to look different to what many couples will have had in mind when they first booked their ceremonies.  Several restrictions will still be in place, including:

  • A maximum of 30 people including the couple, photographer and witnesses will be able to attend the service, determined by the size of the venue and social distancing requirements.
  • Large wedding receptions or parties can’t take place.
  • Guests are encouraged to wear face masks during the ceremony.
  • Singing is banned, in favour of recordings, because of the potential for increased risk of transmission from droplets.
  • Hands must be washed before couples exchange rings and the signing of the register.

The council’s Museum Street Registration office will be open from Monday 6 July, with access to the building by appointment only. Due to social distancing requirements the large ceremony rooms at the venue will hold 18 people. For more information/advice contact the registrars team on

For more information visit

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