Winsford man jailed for breaching Criminal Behaviour Order

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A man from Winsford who breached his criminal behaviour order less than a week after being released from prison has been jailed.

Michael Hill was released from prison on Friday 22 January after serving a sentence for shoplifting.

Upon his release the 34-year-old was required to adhere to a strict five-year criminal behaviour order which barred him from entering any premises in Winsford which are licenced to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises.

Yet, just four days after his release, on Tuesday 26 January, Hill entered the Spar store on Delamere Street.

He immediately went to the alcohol section and attempted to hide a bottle of wine in his sleeve before leaving the premises without paying.

When challenged by staff he verbally abused them and threatened to smash up the store.

Following the incident Hill was arrested by officers from Northwich Local Policing Unit and subsequently charged with breaching a criminal behaviour order, shoplifting and public order offences.

Hill, of Alexandra Square, Winsford, appeared at Warrington Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 27 January where he pleaded guilty to all of the charges.

He was sentenced to 13 weeks in prison and ordered to pay £123.00 victims surcharge; he was also recalled to prison regarding a previous conviction.

Sergeant Gary Weaver said: “Michael Hill is a prolific shoplifter who steals alcohol to feed his addiction to it.

“As this incident demonstrates he often alarms and scares shop workers by shouting, swearing and being aggressive, intimidating and threatening towards them.

“I hope that Hill reflects on the sentence that has been handed to him and starts to understand that that the CBO is not a soft sentence, and if he continues to breach the order then he will go back to prison.”

Upon his release from prison Hill will again be required to adhere to the strict criminal behaviour order which prohibits him from:

  • Entering any retail premises in Winsford that are licensed to sell alcohol  for consumption off the premises. 
  • Being in possession of an open container of alcohol in a public place in Winsford
  • Being drunk in a public place in Winsford.

He also has to engage with a charity that specialises in drug and alcohol addiction.

David Keane, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, said: “This behaviour is totally unacceptable and the sentencing sends out a clear message that persistent criminal behaviour will not be tolerated.

“No-one should feel threatened or intimidated by the actions of others and its pleasing to see that officers are using all the tools available to them tackle such offending. There comes a point when you have to say enough is enough and take additional action to protect the local community.”

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