The team at Council-run Halton People Into Jobs (HPIJ) service have continued to provide vital employment support for local residents during the Covid19 pandemic.

During this period our Advisors/Key Workers delivering the DWP’s Work and Health Programme have continued to give practical help to their customers. This involves signposting to help improve key skills, job search techniques including CV advice, help with applications and interviews, job matching to immediate employment opportunities and funding to start work. Key Workers have also continued to provide support to those individuals who are in work to help them keep their jobs, where possible, during this difficult period.

Advisors/Key Workers have significantly helped individuals remove or manage specific barriers to work including housing, debt, health conditions and reliance on foodbanks etc by working closely with a wide range of partners. This has involved them signposting to specialist services such as Social Services and crisis teams to ensure the safeguarding of some of our vulnerable customers.

HPIJ’s Key Workers will be celebrating Employability Day on 26 June by reflecting back on some of the positive experiences during lockdown – and some of the challenges they have faced too:

“I have been amazed at how much support there has been across the community to ensure residents’ needs are met – we have a united Halton with everybody pulling together.

“However, it has taken some adjusting to get the right balance between work and home life, especially since the introduction of our new little ducklings at home!” Julie Roberts

“We have still supported many people into work during lockdown. Recently a young man that has been long term unemployed started work within the care sector which was a great result for him.

“I have been able to continue with my work with support from my colleagues being at the end of the phone. However, the biggest challenge still is keeping away from the biscuit barrel!” Mike Fredson

“I have customers living alone who have felt very isolated during lockdown. It has been great supporting them knowing that we are making a real difference.

“I am used to meeting customers and supporting them face to face. Building trust and rapport over the phone has meant some adjusting for both myself and my customers.” Carol Neave

“It has been great to see lots of community services and charities offering food parcels which is something that many customers have needed.

“Trying to keep to a routine of home schooling while working from home has been a challenge. Also being home more has meant that I can no longer ignore the DIY!”  Kerry Wright

If you are unemployed and want help to look for work please click on the link below to find out more about the Work and Health Programme:

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