Meet GMPs new Crime Investigation Team

Meet GMPs new Crime Investigation Team

A team set up earlier this year as part of the Chief Constable’s vision to re-build the public’s confidence with the police that all crimes will be investigated has processed 8,000 crimes already.

The Crime Investigation Team, made up of 14 supervisors and 95 investigators force wide, was launched by Chief Constable Stephen Watson QPM in May to help alleviate pressure from frontline officers by utilising station-based officers who are able to carry out initial investigations quicker.

So far, 8,000 crimes have been dealt with by the team already who have prepared arrest packs for officers which include completed enquiries and identified offenders for arrest.

So far, over 1,000 arrest packs have been prepared and sent to the frontline, 750 of which include a completed victim referral to ensure that victims are receiving appropriate levels of support and can be signposted to the appropriate support services.

An analysis by Bury stations in particular has revealed that the introduction of the Crime Investigation Team has resulted in 10% of workload being relieved from the response teams with an average of 90 crimes less for all five relief teams since May, allowing frontline officers the time and resource they need to ensure they are able to respond as quick as possible to urgent ongoing crimes. 

The aim of the Crime Investigation Team is to ensure that every single reported crime is investigated and has an appropriate assessment with the majority of victims being contacted within 48 hours of reporting a crime, ensuring early identification opportunities for investigative progression.

In a recent case, where a young disabled girl had been assaulted by someone who threw a stone at her outside of a school, the team were able to contact the victim and ensure the investigation was progressed as soon as possible and enquiries were able to be completed at the school before it shut for summer, resulting in the team being able to positively identify the offenders involved.

By contacting victims early and ensuring every crime receives appropriate assessment, the team are able to provide an improved service and build confidence around crime reporting for victims.

Further, the team are able to identify linked crimes to identify prolific offenders and ensure they receive longer sentences at court. Statistics show that 5% of offenders commit 50% of all crime, so by identifying those prolific offenders, it allows the team to target them and ensure they are convicted, removing demand from the force.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson QPM, said: “Since the introduction of the team in May, it is proving a huge success and we’ve had really positive feedback from the victims of crime who we’ve managed to assist, helping them to build that confidence with the force surrounding reporting crime and the service they can expect to receive.

“A number of our reported crimes do not require an officer visit, which means our desk-based officers within the Crime Investigation Team are able to deal with those crimes, freeing up resources for the frontline officers to attend urgent ongoing crimes, whilst ensuring all victims are still heard and receive the necessary support regarding their reports of crime.

“The vast majority of the team is made-up from retired officers who hold a wealth of experience in regards to investigations and police knowledge and the team has proved an invaluable asset to the force as we start to build back that confidence with the public we serve and hold our promise that all crimes will be investigated.”

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