Officers secure closure order against problematic address in Ellesmere Port

Officers secure closure order against problematic address in Ellesmere Port

A property that has frequently caused distress for a local community in Ellesmere Port, has been shut down by officers following the securing of a closure order.

The closure order for the address on Briarfield Road, Ellesmere Port, was granted at Chester Magistrates’ Court on Friday 19 May.

The order, which will run for 3 months, is a direct result of officers responding to the concerns of residents regarding the behaviour of the occupant of the address who was well-known to local police, whose activity included anti-social behaviour, drug related activity and violence.

The occupant, a 50-year-old man, and his associates who frequented the property created a sense of alarm amongst the local community, with some residents hesitant to contact police through fear of a response from them.

But through the excellent communication between officers and local residents, enough evidence was gathered to secure a three-month closure order against the address.

The occupant has since been ordered to leave the property and find alternative accommodation, with all windows and doors being boarded up for a period of three months. Anyone who enters the address during that time will be committing a criminal offence and could be arrested.

Police Constable Lucy Hawkins of Ellesmere Port Neighbourhood Beat Team, said:

“This neighbourhood is made up of young families and ensuring that they, along with everyone else within the community, can live safely and without fear of violence or criminality being committed on their doorstep is one of our top priorities.

“The overwhelmingly positive response from our residents is testament to their long-standing support and bravery in speaking out against this problematic resident who has caused them nothing but anguish for a long time.

“Anyone with concerns about ASB or other criminality in their community should contact local neighbourhood officers and we will do everything we can to address these issues.”

Anyone with concerns about anti-social or suspicious behaviour in their area is asked to report it to Cheshire Police via the Cheshire Police website or call 101.

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