Bobbies brighten birthday boy’s day

Bobbies brighten birthday boy’s day

A GMP call handler went the extra-mile when faced with the report of a theft of items from a car.

A call came into the OCB team regarding a report of a theft from a vehicle. A mother had stored her son’s birthday presents in there ready for the next day, but she woke in the morning to find her car had been broken into and the presents had been taken.

Saddened by the mother’s story, the call handler wanted to see what else we could do to help. A quick whip-round was organised across the branch and they managed to raise £150 in 10 minutes. Replacement presents, a cake and birthday card were bought from a local supermarket.

Two officers visited the boys’ house on his birthday to deliver the presents, and after a disappointing start to his birthday, he ended it with a smile. 

Often reports are taken, allocated and call handlers don’t hear about the outcome or the next stages of each call they take, but luckily this story had a nice ending and everyone was able to see the delight in the boy’s face from the pictures taken.

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