Council launches bid for Warrington to have first all-electric bus fleet

Council launches bid for Warrington to have first all-electric bus fleet

Warrington Borough Council has launched an ambitious bid to become the UK’s first all-electric bus town.

In an expression of interest to the Department for Transport, the council has stressed that having the UK’s first all-electric bus fleet would be a vital scheme in raising both the profile of Warrington as a place to live and work, but also to support the council’s ambitions for greener and cleaner transport options throughout the borough.

Warrington’s air quality is something the council is working hard to improve, and an all-electric bus fleet would provide a real boost and a unique opportunity to make a significant, positive change. With municipal operator, Warrington’s Own Buses, covering 80% of the bus mileage in the borough there is also a distinct opportunity for the company to invest in an electric fleet, which can be maintained and overseen in partnership with the council. Not only that: the council’s expression of interest also makes clear that all operators in the borough would have provision to go electric.

Cllr Hans Mundry, Cabinet member responsible for transport, said: “We have been actively working on ensuring that our transport plans are made cleaner and greener and contribute to our ambitions to make Warrington a more sustainable place.

“The opportunity to bid to have the UK’s first all-electric bus fleet was too good an opportunity to miss and would substantially support our commitment to tackling the climate emergency.

“Our Local Transport Plan (LTP4), which was adopted in December last year, notes our twin priorities of reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality. With the support of all of our local bus operators, who can see the benefits for themselves, we can work together to be part of a game-changing transport offering for the people of Warrington.

“This isn’t a pipe dream. This is something I am absolutely convinced we have the combined energy, knowledge and partnership-oriented approach to make our vision to be the UK’s first fully electric bus town a reality.”

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