GMP and GMCA statement

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Superintendent Chris Hill, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who, last weekend, visited the re-opened businesses and venues within the licensing industry responsibly and listened to the guidelines. The weekend ran smoothly, with just three premises voluntarily closing early following safety advice from officers and the local authority. 

“Greater Manchester has a diverse night-time economy, and although last weekend was different to what everyone’s used to, I am proud that local communities and the businesses reopening worked together to ensure everyone had a safe night out.

“As we approach another weekend, one that promises slightly sunnier weather, I want to remind the public of the importance of continuing to social distance and respect others – the guidelines and restrictions still in place are paramount to preventing a second spike and not undoing the hard work done so far by everyone to minimise the spread of the virus. 

“Our dedicated policing operation will continue running into this weekend, with our officers engaging with members of the public to explain and encourage the following of the guidelines, with enforcement as a last resort.

“If you are going out this weekend, remember look after yourself by staying within your group, drinking responsibly and planning how you are getting home.”

Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester, added: “The hospitality sector has been desperate to reopen as soon as possible, and across Greater Manchester venues came back to life last weekend in an overwhelmingly safe and responsible manner. I want to thank all those publicans, restauranteurs, café owners and others for adhering to the industry guidelines regarding social distancing and the safe reopening of sites – it is only by progressing in this orderly and organised way that we will see the sector getting back on its feet.

“This weekend will likely see even more locations opening their doors; hospitality was always going to come out of its enforced hibernation in a staggered way. I also expect the industry to be under more pressure this weekend – a combination of better forecasted weather and great consumer confidence means we can safely anticipate more customers and therefore more pressures to maintain those safe standards.

“I want to appeal to the sector to keep its standards high. To the public, please stay local and boost nearby businesses, and please continue to respect the safety measures that are in place. They exist not just to protect you the customer but also staff, who are working under pressure in challenging circumstances. Help them to help you have a great night out and stay safe.”

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