From Monday (15 June), non-essential shops will be able to reopen to customers in line with the Government’s easing of lockdown restrictions.

This is good news for the traders and shoppers of Runcorn and Widnes!

Halton Borough Council said those returning to Halton shopping centres and high streets for the first time in a while, will notice that some changes have been made.

These include the introduction of ‘stand here’ foot prints outside of shops to help with queuing and visual reminders to keep a two-metre distance at all times.

Shoppers should remember to bring their own bags to minimise both handling and close contact time.

When paying, it is recommended using card payments and we encourage you to use tap and go to make checking out as easy as possible.

All shops reopening must complete a risk assessment to ensure that their premises complies with Government guidance and is ‘COVID-19-safe’ for customers and staff.

To demonstrate that they have completed this assessment and implemented the guidance the Government is encouraging shop-owners and businesses to display the Covid-19 secure poster in their premises.

Having put all of these measures in place, it is essential that shoppers, those working in or visiting shops and businesses play their part too, by keeping a safe distance and being alert to signs and instructions that are there to keep them safe.

Commenting on the reopening of high streets, Halton Borough Council Executive Board Member for the Physical Environment, Cllr Ron Hignett, said it was good news that some of our local shops are reopening their doors once again.

He said: “But we must remember that Coronavirus has not gone away. This means that we all need to play our part in keeping our high streets and local shopping areas safe.

“This includes making sure that we keep our distance, follow the measures shops and retailers have put in place and ensure that we wash our hands as soon as we get home.

“By doing these things we will keep ourselves and others safe and reduce the risk of infection.”

Shoppers are also being asked to plan ahead if they have to use public transport to travel to the shops.

From Monday 15 June it will be mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport –remember a face covering is not the same as a medical face mask.

Shoppers should also leave plenty of time as buses will have limited space, so they may have to wait for the next one.

It is also worth checking timetables just in case there have been changes. For up to date information on travel, visit www.halton.gov.uk

Why not share a pic of social distancing at your favourite shop using the hashtag #Haltonsopen to help spread the word, that the high street needs your custom?

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