Mayor’s heartfelt thanks to volunteer army

Mayor’s heartfelt thanks to volunteer army

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has written a heartfelt thank-you to the 1,600-strong army of Liverpool volunteers who have offered to give up their time to help those in need in the city.

In the email, he talks about how the outpouring of community spirit has made him ‘immensely proud’ and focuses on the essential roles many of the volunteers have taken on including delivering food parcels, driving key workers and picking up the phone to chat to people who feel vulnerable and isolated.

The volunteering programme is being managed by Liverpool City Council in partnership with LCVS and it’s expected that demand for the existing volunteers will increase over the coming weeks.

The aim is to ensure residents receive the help they need – whether it’s essential food packages, prescription delivery or simply someone to talk to on the phone to combat loneliness.

Originally 3,000 people came forward to volunteer their services. However, this was prior to lockdown, so once shielding and self-isolation came in to force, it came to light that not all those who initially offered could now do so.

The helpline for residents who have no network of family, friends or neighbours who can help them with a range of basic tasks is still available. The number is 0151 233 3066 and will be open from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week.

Alternatively, people can request help onlinehere.

For the latest information and advice, Liverpool City Council has also set up an online portal – There are also dedicated social media feeds at and

Email in full from Mayor Joe Anderson

Dear volunteer,

I wanted to write and thank you for being part of Liverpool’s volunteer army – you are now part of a vital team taking on the unprecedented challenge that is coronavirus.

The display of community spirit in Liverpool has been truly humbling and I couldn’t be prouder to be Mayor of this great city.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, we have spent the past month gathering information so we can fully understand the scale of the task in hand. The city council is working in partnership with LCVS, around the clock, to ensure the needs of the most vulnerable people in the city are being met.

We now have 1,600 volunteers on our books – in all honesty, I hope we will never reach the stage where we will need to use all of you, but to know you are there is of great comfort and makes me immensely proud.

Real progress is being made – more than 2,000 food parcels have been distributed and nearly 250 medication prescriptions have been delivered, we are constantly contacting those who have called our helpline to find out what we can do and we are putting in place processes by which we can reach out (from a safe distance) to those who feel lonely and vulnerable.

We are making a positive difference to people’s lives in these uncertain times, and you are part of that. A number of you have become drivers for key teams on the ground, some are providing essential food packages and others are spending time chatting on the phone to residents, old and young, to show them someone is out there who cares.

More of you will be called on in the coming weeks – and I have no doubt you will rise to the challenge.

I know the team running the volunteer programme has been in touch with you, and they will continue to keep you updated as we continue the journey together in this unchartered territory.

Thank you once again for selflessly going above and beyond for those less fortunate.

Stay safe,

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool

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