Srebrenica genocide to be marked in St Helens Borough on 25th anniversary

Srebrenica genocide to be marked in St Helens Borough on 25th anniversary

This week (5-12 July) will mark 25 years since the genocide of more than 8,000 people, predominantly Bosnian Muslim men and boys, by Bosnian Serb troops in and around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War in 1995.

The Steve Prescott Bridge will be lit in white and green, the colours of the UK charity Remembering Srebrenica, on Saturday 11th July, the week’s main memorial day.

After the Holocaust of the second world war, the people of Europe vowed ‘never again’, but Srebrenica reminds us that evil still exists in the modern world. The Srebrenica genocide is the single greatest atrocity committed on European soil since the Second World War and a brutal reminder of man’s inhumanity to man.

Remembering Srebrenica are asking people around the world to:

  • REMEMBER the victims and survivors of the Srebrenica genocide;
  • LEARN the lessons from Srebrenica, particularly that we must always be vigilant against hatred and intolerance in our communities; and
  • PLEDGE to take action now to build better and safer communities for all.

Councillor Jeanie Bell, St Helens Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said:

“When we think about the Holocaust, it is easy to believe that something so horrifying would never be allowed to happen again, especially not within our own lifetime. Yet the genocide in Srebrenica happened just 25 years ago. Intolerance, fear and hatred cannot be left unchallenged to allow such atrocities to happen again.

“This week in St Helens Borough we remember the thousands of innocent lives taken in Srebrenica and join with others around the world to remember the victims, learn the lessons and pledge to take action against intolerance.

“There are small actions you can take that will make a real difference, at a time when we are all more aware of the need to fight intolerance. Consider learning more about Srebrenica or read some of the survivor testimonials, and tell a friend or family who may not be aware of it. Tweet and share social media messages, including #Srebrenica25 and our own hate crime campaign #betterthanthat. And you can demonstrate your commitment to standing against discrimination of every kind by making an online pledge at”

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